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029 | The BEST Way to Teach Kids Is…

Description: What is the best way to teach kids? Should the goal be comprehension, attention, or retention? In this episode, Ryan and Hunter pick their favorite among the three and discuss why it should be deemed “king.” Along the way, they give…

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027 | How NOT to Burn Bridges in Ministry

Description: Disagreements happen. There are moments when co-workers or fellow believers need to be confronted, but how do we do this well? How do we foster unity and wisely handle conflict? In this episode, Sam and Hunter provide helpful tips for…

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A Life of Devotion

By Shela Ervin When Jesus redeemed his people at the cross, he paid full price. And when he bought us with his blood, he bought not

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025 | Check-In Systems: The Why, What, and How

Description: Whether you serve in a small or large church, having a check-in system is important. But with so many options and features to consider, how can you know which system is best for you? In this episode, Sam and Hunter discuss why check-in…

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023 | How to Share the Gospel with Kids

Description: Everything we do in children’s ministry is done to proclaim the gospel and disciple children in its truth. But how? How do we share the gospel message in a way that is faithful, beautiful, and true? In this episode, Hunter and Sam unpack…

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