You can teach your kids the Bible! We’re here to help.

Meet Ryan Coatney

I’m Ryan Coatney. I’m a husband, a dad, and a pastor. Over the past two decades I’ve also been a children’s speaker, teaching the Bible to tens of thousands of kids in every context imaginable.

I’m always energized by teaching them big truths in a simple way. It stirs me to see their eyes widen with wonder at God’s truth or to see those same eyes fill with sorrow at their sin.

Teaching kids the Bible has been a joy for me, but now it's your turn.

It’s your turn to teach your kids the big truths of the Bible, to be beside them in their wonder and sorrow, and God willing, to be with them as they understand the Gospel for the first time. Scripture is clear: this is God’s design for Christian families.

That’s why I’m releasing a comprehensive resource to equip every parent to teach their kids the Bible. This resource brings together everything you need to nurture your kids’ faith, all in one place.

Will you help me out by answering a few questions? In return, I’ll give you exclusive early access to this brand new resource.

Thanks in advance for your help!