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041 | Why You Need a Mentor [with Jim Wideman]

Description: “Everybody does better with a coach.” In this episode, Sam interviews veteran coach and mentor, Jim Wideman. In part one of this conversation, Jim shares why everyone (including you) needs a mentor.  Connect With Us! If you have any…

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How To Fight Mom Rage

By Shela Ervin I never considered myself to be an angry person until I had children. In fact, I had considered myself to be quite a

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039 | Fruitful Kidmin: Planning Your Meetings

Description: For many, meetings are tedious, boring, and downright annoying. But they don’t have to be! In this episode, the guys share tips for planning and executing stellar meetings in your ministry.  Connect With Us! If you have any…

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037 | Fruitful Kidmin: Planning Your Week

Description: There is so much to do every week in kid’s ministry. How do you accomplish it all and do so fruitfully? In this episode, the guys provide helpful tips and tools for planning and getting the most out of your week.   Resources: -…

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