The world has changed. So should your kidmin curriculum.

Are you ready for a curriculum that TEACHES your kids the Bible more effectively, SIMPLIFIES preparation for your volunteers, and ACTIVATES your families like never before? Get in touch today! 

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Cross Formed Kids equips families and churches to raise up the next generation of life-long Christ followers.

I’m Ryan Coatney (you can call me “Coat!”). 

I’m a husband, a father of 5, and a church planting pastor. Over the past two decades I’ve ministered to kids and families in almost every context you can imagine. I’ve taught tens of thousands of kids at camps, and ministered to anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of kids in the local church context. I’ve also been fortunate enough to teach in one of the highest performing classical schools in the nation. 

All of these experiences crashed together in my life and formed a vision for teaching kids in a way that could set them up for a lifetime of faith. With more than 2/3 of kids leaving the church after they graduate high school, and with Christianity in decline in the US and much of the world, something has to change. Cross Formed Kids is designed to bring fruitful change in the two places where we stand to make the most difference: families and children’s ministries.  

As part of my role with Cross Formed Kids, I get to spend time with children’s ministry leaders for hours each week. I get to hear their heart for their kids, and I get to listen as they express the pain points that are hindering them from serving kids as well as they would hope. Over and over again I hear that they know the changes they need to make, but they can’t find the right resources to help them get there. 

Cross Formed Kids provides a comprehensive system to overcome your most pressing obstacles so that together we can raise up the next generation of LIFE LONG Christ followers. 

If you’re ready to move your children’s ministry beyond effectiveness to a place of real and lasting fruitfulness, Cross Formed Kids is for you. 

Do you share these goals?

Cross Formed Kids is not for everyone. It’s specifically and precisely designed to accomplish the goal of laying a foundation for a lasting faith, by teaching the Bible in the most effective way possible and equipping families and churches to partner together in a robust way. Because of its design, it also helps calibrate your ministry for optimum volunteer recruitment and retention. These are the pain points we hear about over and over again from kidmin leaders. If these are the problems you want to solve, or the goals you want to achieve, CFK is for you!

Here’s how we can help: 

1. Our catechism ensures that kids will not just know a collection of stories, but instead will gain the ability to read fruitfully from the entire bible. View our scope and sequence here. Our lessons each revolve around a catechism Q and A, with an original song for memorizing it, professionally produced here in Nashville, TN. Each one includes a teaching lesson, a craft, and a kinetic/creative activity so that our catechism is reinforced in ways that every child can understand and retain, and you can bet they’ll have a BLAST every Sunday. You’ll have confidence that you’re laying the best foundation possible for the kids in your care. 

2. Our family discipleship strategy is both doable and effective. In partnership with the local church, it only takes 3-5 minutes a day for parents to lay a foundation for a lifetime of faith. Kids WILL memorize the catechism, because the songs make it nearly impossible not to. They’ll not only retain *something* from the lesson, but they’ll retain exactly what you want them to retain, week after week. 

3. Our “stations and rotations” approach to kidmin not only makes your teaching more effective, but also changes the game for recruitment and retention. Your ministry partners, volunteers, and leaders will say “yes” easier and stay longer, because of simple changes to your ministry structure that can work in any context. This structure gives you the ability to invest in your team while also ensuring you are able to make each child feel personally welcome. Say goodbye to hectic Sunday mornings and hello to a ministry with plenty of margin for you and your team.

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