Anne Kerhoulas

Emotions Are A Gift

Emotions Are A Gift   If you’re a parent, no one needs to remind you that your child has feelings. You might sometimes feel like your child IS feelings. But just like your own feelings reveal your idols, hurts, and frustrations, children’s feelings are a gift, unearthing new depths of their hearts, minds, and experiences.  Emotions

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The Power of Singing

The Power of Singing By Anne Kerhoulas   Made to SingScripture tells us again and again to sing; O come let us sing a joyful song to the Lord (Ps 95:1); address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart (Eph 5:19); But I will sing of your strength;

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Family Prayer Myths

Family Prayer Myths By Sarah Keeling   As parents, we believe many myths about family prayer that prevent us from engaging our kids in the practice of talking with God together. Many of the obstacles regarding family prayer begin in our minds. If we recognize what the myths are and replace them with God’s truths, we

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