You Matter Because of Your Maker

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 By Ryan Coatney

Knowing who you are requires knowing whose you are.
Unless we have this truth firmly planted in our hearts and minds, we will be on an endless journey of “self-discovery” that will lead nowhere. Even worse, that journey will be filled with disappointment and regret for however long it lasts. And guess what, the same is true for our kids.  
If you instill in them a confident knowledge that they belong to God, their identity will not be an endless mystery. Rather, it will be an empowering truth that propels them toward meaningful living that isn’t focused on themselves.
The truth about who we are is not ultimately a discovery that comes from our effort—it’s a revelation that comes from God’s grace.
God has revealed to us in His Word, the Bible, that he made us, he loves us, and that in Christ He has done everything necessary for us to enjoy friendship with him. If only we’ll believe it. When your kids learn who God is and that they were made to be His, they no longer have to be confused about their significance. It is settled.
When I was a kid, a girl in my class made up the lie that she was the cousin of a famous basketball player. She figured that being related to him would give her significance in the eyes of all of us at the lunch table. Guess what? It worked! She really did become more significant to the lunch table kids because she had a close relationship with this larger-than-life figure. Ultimately, though, it was destructive for her because it was a lie.
But a similar—infinitely more healthy—thing happens with God. Because of our relationship with Him, our significance is assured. He really is the King of the universe, and he really does love us, know us, delight in us, and invite us into a relationship with him. In Exodus 33, Moses says that it is God’s presence that sets Israel apart as special. The same is still true. It is our relationship with the Living God that sets us apart, gives us identity, and teaches us how to live.
So today, teach your kids about the love of their Maker. That the One who placed each star in the sky chose your child to be a part of your family. That He knows the plans He has for your child, that God sees them and knows them. That His presence goes with them, that they can speak with Him as a friend. When our children know who they are before the Maker of heaven and earth, they’ll no longer question whether they matter.
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