Talking to Your Kids about Death (VIDEO)

Whatever your take on current events, it’s undeniable that talk of death is everywhere in the Covid era. Dr. Brett Vaden joins me with some wisdom on addressing the subject of death with your kids.

Dr. Brett Vaden serves as the Dean of the Three Fourteen Institute in St. Louis, MO, whose mission is to equip leaders to multiply Christ-centered disciples and churches. He has experience both as a writer and practitioner in classical education, having taught at Highlands Latin School and written for Memoria Press in Louisville, KY. In addition to serving as a CFK Smart Person, he serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Providence Classical Christian School in St. Louis and Montgomery Academy in Clarksville, TN. Dr. Vaden is married to Rachael and they have three children.


For the Comments: What are your concerns when it comes to talking to your kids about death? How do you think you need to prepare kids for a world marred by death? What experiences have your kids had with death? 

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