Who are You?

I am a creation of God.

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Lesson 1 Introduction

This lesson covers one of the most crucial topics in all of the Christian life: identity! When kids understand that they are made BY GOD, that’s one thing. When they begin to associate that fact with their IDENTITY, that’s an entirely different thing. If your kids are like mine, the first 100 times you ask them this question, they’ll respond with their name. Even to this day, the first time I ask, thats’ what I get. Then I say, ok, yes that’s true, but let’s work on our catechism: Who are you? Then we start to get somewhere. That’s ok! 

Remember–We are not chasing perfection here. We’re simply making an intentional investment, and we are on a journey to become the primary disciple-maker in our child’s life. Not only that, but know that once you’ve gone through this entire curriculum start to finish, the BEST THING you can do is start it again. Your kids should go through this 2 or 3 times by the time they’re finished with elementary school. So pace yourself, don’t expect perfection, and you’ll be making amazing progress in no time! 

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