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Christian Parents:

Raising Christian kids is always a miracle, but it’s never an accident.

Cross Formed Kids gives you all the tools you need to teach your kids the Bible in a life-giving, soul-nourishing, faith-sustaining way.

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Dave and Ashley Willis Headshot
As parents of four young sons, we believe our most sacred duty is to give our kids a solid foundation in their faith built through Biblical knowledge, practical Christian principles and a Christ-centered worldview. We believe Cross Formed Kids is one of the best resources on the planet to help parents equip their kids with a lifelong love for God and His word. It takes the guesswork out of family discipleship and provides a clear and simple path for progress. Every family should invest in this resource!
Dave & Ashley Willis
Bestselling authors, podcasters and speakers for MarriageToday.
Joshua Straub, PhD
One of the most difficult parts of teaching our kids about God is figuring out how to help them make sense of all the individual stories. Cross Formed Kids brings the entire Bible into one coherent story for parents and kids alike to comprehend. You will be pleasantly surprised at, and your kids genuinely engaged with, the practical, easy-to-implement approach.
Joshua Straub, PhD
Coauthor: What Am I Feeling? and Homegrown: Cultivating Kids in the Fruit of the Spirit

Download the 4 Keys to Raising Christian Kids eBook!