Book Review: The Tech-Wise Family

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A Quick Summary
The Tech-Wise Family helps parents put technology into its proper place within the family. The author provides the reader with the Barna Group’s research on American families’ technology usage. He then recommends ten tips to help families utilize technology in healthy ways. While the ten tips are not heavy in details, the reader will still leave the book with some practical advice to make necessary changes for his or her family.
What was your favorite thing about this book?
My favorite thing about this book was being challenged to continue doing the hard work of parenting in which Christ has called us. Handing your child a device may seem easy and convenient, but Christ has called us to teach and train our children. By putting down the devices, we are able to better parent our children, and, in return, have healthier children.
What was your biggest frustration with this book?
The biggest frustration with the book is the lack of practical and detailed tips for helping with electronic devices. The ten tips in the book are more moral aspirations that guide decision-making with electronics. Nitty gritty, in-the-moment details for handling technology are not the focus of the book.
In general, would you say this book aligns well with a biblical world view?
This book is written from a biblical worldview in which it challenges people to live the life Christ has called us to live. The book is not theologically heavy, but does utilize Christian principles for establishing how life, technology, and families should operate.
How might this book be a danger or benefit to parents?
I highly recommend Christian families read this book to help them think through technology within their own lives and the lives of their families.
Sarah has her masters and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in child and adolescent mental health and development. She is the founder and owner of Raleigh Kids, a Christian mental health service provider.  
Sarah was the co-host of the Parenting & Pennies podcast on the Christian Parenting podcast network, and is a podcast guest, writer, and speaker for various Christian organizations. Sarah and her husband, Art, have been married for 16 years and have three fun boys. She also serves in leadership at her church for women’s discipleship, and enjoys discipling women.
To connect with Sarah, you can follow her on Instagram @dr.sarahrainer or at

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