Book Review: Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

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A Quick Summary
The ultimate goal in Christian parenting is to point our children to Jesus Christ. But how do we do that? Being a Christian parent requires intentionality, biblical wisdom, practical action, and reliance on the Holy Spirit. This book seeks to help parents better understand biblical parenting while providing practical tools to equip parents. Each stage of our children’s development is different, yet similar. The book comes alongside parents in each stage to offer advice and encouragement.
What was your favorite thing about this book?
This book is one of my top three favorite parenting books! The authors provide a biblical worldview for parenting while providing practical tips for parents in every stage of parenting. Phil and Diane provide biblical insight and Scripture, and their techniques are supported by research (even if that research isn’t directly mentioned in the book).
What was your biggest frustration with this book?
Honestly, I don’t have frustration with this book. Phil and Diane give practical tips to parents—tips that are helpful and doable. They also discuss some of their own weaknesses and real-life examples of their own parenting journey.
What is the gospel according to this book?
Although the book doesn’t set out to provide a detailed outline of the gospel, the principles they utilize in parenting are shaped by the belief that we are sinners (parents and children) who need the Savior, and who must depend on the Holy Spirit. Their belief in Jesus as the Savior shapes their parenting beliefs and practices, and their goal for parenting—to raise passionate Jesus followers. They utilize the Word of God to determine their parenting practices.
How might this book be a danger or benefit to parents?
This book is a benefit to those wanting to raise followers of Christ. The only caution when reading this book is that parents should remind themselves that following Christ and parenting in a Christlike manner does not necessarily guarantee children who love the Lord too.

Sarah has her master’s and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in child and adolescent mental health and development. She is the founder and owner of Raleigh Kids, a Christian mental health service provider.  
Sarah was the co-host of the Parenting & Pennies podcast on the Christian Parenting podcast network, and is a podcast guest, writer, and speaker for various Christian organizations. Sarah and her husband, Art, have been married for 16 years and have three fun boys. She also serves in leadership at her church for women’s discipleship, and enjoys discipling women.
To connect with Sarah, you can follow her on Instagram @dr.sarahrainer or at

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