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Biblical literacy is at an all time low. This is especially true of the Old Testament.

Enter Starting Hebrew.

By learning Classical Hebrew, students will gain access to the original language of 2/3 of the Bible! Their ability to study the Bible will be maximized. Secondarily, due to the inflected nature of Classical Hebrew, it will help foster an orderly way of thinking, similar to the benefits of Latin.

Not only that, but Classical Hebrew is a deeply “earthy” language, and constant study of the Old Testament in Hebrew over many years has fostered in many a renewed sense of belonging within God’s good world and renewed expectation for his even better world to come.

Finally, deep understanding of the Old Testament is the best tool for gaining a deep understanding of the New Testament. After all, the Old Testament in its various translations was the only “bible” the New Testament authors had access to.

The Cross Formed Kids philosophy spills over into our classical language instruction. Repitition, recitation, and memorization are highly emphasized, taking the place of conventional “exercises” in many cases. Why? Because these combined tools are more fun, more flexible, and more effective. Exercises are provided occasionally to promote repetition. Grammatical definitions in our language courses are precise, paving the way for kids to think logically as both readers and writers.

The Starting Hebrew course membership will give you access to 15 videos, each between 30 minutes and an hour, taught by Ryan Coatney, the founder of Cross Formed Kids. 

Students should pursue mastery of the following:

English Grammar Fundamentals, Hebrew Consonants, Vowels, Major Accents, Basic Vocabulary, Parts of Speech, the Hebrew Nouns, and the basics of the Hebrew Verbal System (the Qal Imperfect (יקטל) and Perfect (קטל)  forms.) 

The course will also include some guided reading from the Hebrew Bible. 

Families who join will automatically retain access for three years (longer access may be granted upon request) and may use the curriculum with multiple students who live within the same household across that time.

Once per week, video office hours will be provided with a qualified instructor for language students to ask any questions about difficult material. Attendees must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The goal for each lesson is for it to require minimal preparation on the part of parents. As far as possible, material will be fully covered in the videos, with hand-outs serving only for necessary repetition or for recitation material. 

About the instructor: 

I’m Ryan Coatney (“Coat”), the founder and creator of Cross Formed Kids and the founder and pastor of Grace Story Church in Nashville, TN. I’ve had the opportunity to preach the Bible to tens of thousands of kids as a camp and event speaker, to teach at one of the highest performing schools in the US, and to serve in churches in several states and almost every ministry department. I’ve also had the unbelievable opportunity to spend hundreds of hours studying Biblical Languages under some of the best linguistic minds and Bible scholars in the world. I’m married to Emily, with whom I get to parent 4 little ones. It’s my joy to equip you as parents to become the primary disciple-makers in the lives of your kids.