Pourover Family Annual

$250.00 / year


Are you ready to become the primary disciple-maker in your kids’ lives?

Are you ready to give them the tools they need to read fruitfully from every page of the Bible?

Are you ready to give them the biblical foundation that will prepare them for constant bombardment with false world views?

Are you ready to give them the best possible start toward a robust faith that lasts a lifetime?

If so, the family discipleship subscription is for you. Each lesson is complete with a broadly graded lesson, perfect for your elementary age kids, a craft that is just right for your hands on learners, and a kinetic activity that’s a great bonus for those who are discipling in community. Each lesson is built around the Cross Formed Kids catechism which provides a precisely-crafted road map for biblical literacy. Last but not least, original songs for each lesson will make memorization all but automatic.

As a bonus, the Preschool Subscription (covering Creation) is included FOR FREE with the family discipleship curriculum. This 18 lesson curriculum is perfect for your smaller children and gives you the opportunity for laser focus on each child in your family, from preschool all the way up to preteen.

Your subscription will renew annually on the same date that you subscribe. Cancel anytime in your account settings.