"CrossFormed Kids is an unbelievably thorough resource for parents looking to intentionally disciple their children in the truth. Everything is easy to access and biblically sound, ready to implement for family devotions or in a church format. From the lessons to crafts to songs, you're getting quality theology at a level small children can understand."

-Phylicia Masonheimer
Author, Speaker, Teacher

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Hey parents! I’m Coat! I’m a husband, a father of 3, a pastor, and I’ve ministered to tens of thousands of kids over the past 2 decades in almost every environment you can imagine, from preaching at huge kid events to serving as a school teacher, to coaching parents in living rooms! I’ve had the privilege of seeing tons of kids put their faith in Jesus.

And yet, I’m deeply concerned about the future of Christianity in the U.S. The reason is simple: we are not adequately empowering parents like you to be the primary disciple maker in your child’s life. That’s a problem, because it’s your calling as parents to become just that. 

If you’re like me, you desire to raise kids who trust Jesus, who can resist temptation and doubt, and who really live according to the Gospel. 

We want our kids to LOVE being LOVED by God.

The problem is, SEVENTY PERCENT of kids LEAVE THE FAITH as soon as they leave the house. 

I am SO TIRED of that statistic, but if we do not have a clear plan and rock solid commitment to follow through, we’re all but certain to see our kids grow up to become part of that seventy percent. 

Many parents feel inadequate. So many kids leave the faith as adults. How can you be sure you’re providing the foundation that they need?

Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

Cross Formed Kids transforms those concerns into confidence.

Here’s how!

Journey to Jesus

Each cycle of Cross Formed Kids is a journey toward the Cross, where we learn piece by piece how Jesus fulfills all of God’s promises. The lessons are organized just like Scripture, according to its inspired covenant framework. Cross Formed Kids keeps the spotlight on Jesus by emphasizing each segment of Scripture for 18 lessons: Creation, Abraham, Israel, King David, Exile, and Jesus. As your kids learn how the Word holds together they’ll grow to cherish the One who holds the world together.


Cross Formed Kids points to Jesus through six cycles that mirror the structure of the Bible. Our Catechism brings the Gospel into focus. Using kid friendly language, it shows how every “chapter” of the Bible fits together, and how they are all related. If Cross Formed Kids is the ring, the catechism is the diamond.

Dance Party

Every lesson includes an original song. These songs are 100% based on the catechism so that kids can’t help but memorize it. They’ll remind you it’s time for a dance party, not because they’re ‘supposed to,’ but because they LOVE IT. FYI—a little secret— grown-ups tend to love our music too!


With Cross Formed Kids, your kids will enjoy fun crafts that bring the lesson alive for kids with a creative bent or a preference for hands-on learning. If you’re a craft-impaired parent, don’t worry! There’s a video with each one to help make it as simple as possible.

Every Parent is a Theologian

It’s not just for the kids! Rather, the goal is to equip parents by giving you all the help you need as you teach your kids week by week. Even if you’re not sure of your Bible knowledge, you’ll be prepared because the catechism becomes your resident theologian. When your kids hear life changing truths being taught by mom and dad, it will make it real to them. You can do this, and Cross Formed Kids makes it easy. 

Raising Christian kids is always a miracle, but it’s never an accident.


TODAY is the day for you to become the primary disciple-maker in your child’s life. With a 2 week, no obligation, free trial, the risk is all mine. What are you waiting for?

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