Resource Library for Raising Christian Kids

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The Power of Singing

The Power of Singing By Anne Kerhoulas   Made to SingScripture tells us again and again to sing; O come let us sing a joyful song

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Family Prayer Myths

Family Prayer Myths By Sarah Keeling   As parents, we believe many myths about family prayer that prevent us from engaging our kids in the practice

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Discipleship Made Easy

Four Tips to Make Discipleship Easy By Anne Kerhoulas Let’s Be Honest “Having kids is super easy.” “I get so much rest.” “I’m really relaxed

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Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos by Samantha Mitchell Our First Nativity SetI popped open the children’s nativity set that I had found at one of our favorite discount stores.

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Technology and Family Discipleship

Most people either love to hate it or hate how much they love it. In this episode Coat and Phylicia take a balanced approach and discuss how we can navigate technology to ensure that our kids are not negatively impacted by it.

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