Little People in Big Church

Coat and Phylicia discuss whether it is ok to keep our kids in “big church.” How can we think about this as parents seeking to raise Christian kids?

Technology and Family Discipleship

Most people either love to hate it or hate how much they love it. In this episode Coat and Phylicia take a balanced approach and discuss how we can navigate technology to ensure that our kids are not negatively impacted by it.

How Your Theology Impacts Your Parenting

The Bible is more important than our theological preferences, but does our theology impact our parenting? Are there specific pitfalls to watch out for, depending on where we fall on the theological spectrum?

All The Feels

In this episode, Phylicia and Coat discuss strategies for managing our emotions in the context of discipline and disciplining our kids.

Stress in Parenting

In this episode Phylicia and Coat discuss parenting and stress. Parenting can be stressful. How do we manage stress in parenting? How can we be sure our stress doesn’t negatively impact our kids?

Strategies for the Sex Talk with Your Kids

Ryan and Phylicia discuss ways to turn the tables on the subject that society has deemed awkward and uncomfortable and instead make “The Talk” an ongoing conversation with your children where you are their go-to source for information.   This…