It's BACK TO SCHOOL time!!!!!!

Let's prepare together:

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I don’t know about y’all, but my feed is already filling up with back to school photos. Summer as come to a screeching halt for some of us, and for others of us, the end is right around the corner. It reminds me of the passing of time and the FINITE nature of our opportunity to disciple our kids.

⅔ of kids leave the faith as soon as they leave the house. You’ve heard the stories. Deconstruction, de-conversion, you name it. The bottom line is this: we are losing our kids.

None of us has control over our kids’ faith. We can’t guarantee that they will follow Jesus. The only thing we can guarantee is that WE will not be filled with regret. We can avoid that regret by living into God’s design for our families. That means taking steps to become the PRIMARY DISCIPLE-MAKER to your kids. 

When you take responsibility for teaching your kids the Bible, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing everything God has asked you to do in order to lay a firm foundation for a lasting faith. 

Faithful Parents + Robust Biblical Literacy = Firm Foundation
Family Study 4

Cross Formed Kids makes this super simple. If you’ll spend 5 minutes a day reviewing with some really fun songs and then set aside time once a week to teach a very brief and simple lesson, your kids will gain all the tools they need to read fruitfully from every page of the Bible. Know what that means? They’ll ENJOY reading it! And when they enjoy reading God’s word, they’ll be drawn to it more and more so that they’ll be constantly hearing from the One who made them. And THAT is where the power for a lifelong faith comes from.

Families are absolutely LOVING discipling their kids the Cross Formed Kids way.

Check out what this parent has to say:

Just wanted you to know that we’ve been using this for just a month and we are absolutely LOVING it. The music is so good and my daughter asks to listen to it constantly. She’s taking in things that she hasn’t before and I’m just so grateful. God led me to your site so so graciously as He knew how much I was struggling and weighed down by the desire to disciple my kids while balancing everything else. This has made discipling and teaching His word a pure joy. And has alleviated so much overwhelm I was experiencing trying to do it alone in these Covid times. Thank you so much for what you’ve done/are doing with your programming. It’s beautiful.

There are many, many more parents just like Haley. I’d love for you to experience the same relief, the same feeling of empowerment, and the same JOY in teaching your kids what you know to be true. 

You can’t control your child’s faith. What you CAN control is YOUR faithfulness. With Cross Formed Kids, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything you can to equip your kids for a lifelong faith. 

The best part is, with the free trial, you can make sure you and your kids LOVE IT before you ever spend a penny. And you can cancel anytime with just a couple clicks. The risk is all mine

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CrossFormed Kids is an unbelievably thorough resource for parents looking to intentionally disciple their children in the truth. Everything is easy to access and biblically sound, ready to implement for family devotions or in a church format. From the lessons to crafts to songs, you're getting quality theology at a level small children can understand.